It is in our understanding that every designed artifact serves a didactic function: by virtue of our interaction with it, we are taught the world in slightly different manner. With this belief centre to our hearts, we run Sozo as a design experiment: an elaborate what-if scenario in which one company manages to infiltrate every corner of some distant reality. This is not merely an attempt to criticize the capitalistic tendencies of "hype-brands", but we are genuinely interested in overthinking such an idea. This approach bleeds into all of our workings, like constructing events where we gamify economic principles for education, and forces us to invest great care, conceptual work and a focus that reaches the devil of details in our products.



Sozo Apparel started out the 1st of July in 2019 and has been the product of three friends coming from the respective backgrounds of Computer Science, Finance and Design. They met in high school and university and have collaborated on a number of projects before starting this venture. Unfortunately, one of the founders has passed and is therefore continued by the remainder of the founders. Both continue to push Sozo further into their interest for visual-and-new media exploration and in order to ensure that little by little a piece of clothing can serve more than the idea of mere physical comfort.



We believe that sustainability is the minimum. For this reason, we continually strive towards further sustainable improvement of our supply chain (e.g. packaging, delivery, production, marketing and the like). Currently, all of the textile that we sell has been certified with the labels GOTS, OkoeTex, Peta Vegan approved and FairWear for ethical and sustainable production. Furthermore, we set a limit cap to the production of our products to stifle overproduction and stock issues. This means that the product you purchase is always a limited item out of a set. Generally, a set consists of two-hundred pieces unless specified so. To increase the quality and uniqueness of every item, we also hold the mandate that a product and its batch will only be produced once. To find out more about our ongoing efforts, click here


Sozoconomy is our expression of the creative economy and what it can do for adding value to culture. The creative economy is a continually growing section of economic productivity that concerns knowledge and creativity based work, ranging from a marketing advertiser, to a professional skateboarder, to a DJ. As more and more questions are being asked about the economic systems that we are part of, we believe it is important to explore the experiences of people making a living out of their creativity.



In the course of human evolution, mutations have played a key role in the development of our species, such as weaker jaw muscles leading to more space in the skull for a larger brain. These were small accidental changes leading to monumental transformations in our biology. In many ways, creativity works in the same way. One small act of creativity can catalyze an entire society, and has the power to transform culture. It is our view that creativity should be harnessed wherever possible, as it is one of the few infinite sources of innovation. 



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